4 Reasons to Invest on a Virtual Store

First: Your virtual store is always open and can sell 24 hours anywhere in the world

Avoid scheduling limitations or closing times. you will always be open” 24 hours 360 days a year

Second: Save money by creating a virtual store

How much does it cost to open your company 24 hours a day? A virtual store is relatively inexpensive!

Third: Your clients are already purchasing on the internet

More than the 22% of the world’s populations buy online and your clients are already doing it, what are you waiting for?

Fourth: a virtual store will enable your clients to purchase from any device and makes it easy to buy from any device:

Your clients will always be able to buy from your virtual store at any time from their own smartphones, tablets or computers.


Web Design or Web Development, What’s the Difference?

A web designer works on the visual aspect of the website, such as the aesthetic portion. They use different types of programs to effectively create the visual element of the website.

The web developer completes the process and make a functioning website from it. Web developers use PHP and other programming languages to bring life to the design files.

So, each member has a specific role based on the type of technology, tool or programming languages. Thus, the designer and developer are essential to effectively create a functional website